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We help you plan a rewarding personal transition to a meaningful life after full time work

Planning to leave your profession or employment in the next 10 years and don’t know where to start?

Trying not to think about leaving?

Never going to retire?

Worried that life after your business will be boring and meaningless?


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Keys to Happiness

From our years of research at Transition Planning Australia, we’ve concluded that there are five keys to happiness –

  1. Financial Security (which Transition Planning Australia does not address – it’s important to engage a financial advisor in this regard);
  2. Physical Health;
  3. Mental Stimulation;
  4. Social Connections; and
  5. A Sense of Meaning or Purpose in Life.

We usually satisfy their needs for these aspects in their work, ensuring that they are physically and mentally healthy, have a range of social connections, and their life has some meaning and purpose. However, as we phase out of full-time work, it’s important to take the time to plan new or additional activities to replace the work-related activities, because they will disappear when we leave work. This planning will help fill the void that could otherwise arise in our lives.

Research shows those who do not create a plan for their lives after full-time work often fall into a hole; they become bored and depressed and that can lead to physical and mental illness.

25 Years of Retirement

Typically, people retire in their mid-60s. Their life expectancy is into their late 80s or early 90s. Thus, most people can expect to be retired for 25 years – and that’s a long time.

Our retirement will certainly be longer than that of our predecessors, and we are more likely to enjoy better health than them. Therefore, it’s important that we take the time to plan activities to fill in these 25 years – activities which satisfy the keys to happiness.

How to Successfully Transition to a Retirement with Purpose, Health and Happiness

Our proven programs and processes are based on material developed over 20 years by The Successful Transition Planning Institute of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and delivered by qualified, expert consultants backed by extensive resources and information.

Personal Transition Planning

Transition Planning Australia’s personal transition planning program, LIVE with Purpose Workshop, is designed to help participants define their life after their business or career and to get them motivated to move forward to the next phase.

The workshop –

  • Offers a safe and confidential environment, supported by trained professionals;
  • Allows participants to transform their concerns around leaving into a positive vision of the next phase of their life so they can transition more confidently;
  • Applies a logical proven step-by-step methodology to help participants expand their thinking about what’s possible;
  • Work out what’s important to them and what they really want to do with their lives;
  • Explore a range of possibilities for the next phase of life, many of which they may never have thought of, to evaluate the best options for them;
  • Brainstorm with like-minded people exploring the same issues – they are not alone; and
  • Provides participants with a process to create their customised Personal Transition Plan for a purposeful, happy and healthy future.

You’ll receive a comprehensive, clear action plan for living your happy and healthy life after full-time work.

We take the time to create a personalised program to suit your busy schedule, drawing on:

One-on-one programs

One-on-one programs

One-on-one programs

One-on-one programs


Find out by taking our free online quiz

What Our Clients Say

“The workshop evaluates just where you are and makes you think about exactly what you will need to enjoy the next phase we all tend to be waiting for. Taking time to think about what’s important to you and having some ideas and sharing thoughts in a non-judgemental atmosphere is invaluable. The workshop not only will assist my ‘new life’ but enrich my current journey.”


“This workshop was valuable in providing a framework to help structure what is needed to lead an enriching life during retirement. It opens up new possibilities; the discussion encourages thinking about endless opportunities; and with your partner present, it provides a way to envisage how to get there.”


“I’ve come into this course not really knowing what to expect and with the feeling that it might not be relevant to me, as I haven’t worked in a paid job for 20 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our future options, realising that this is only the beginning of our future planning. To do this as a couple is the first step to communicating and planning this phase of our lives. It’s exciting!”


“The workshop presented a very practical framework that allowed me to think at a much deeper level about the life I want for my family and myself in the future. We were expertly guided through exercises that now give me much more confidence about having a prosperous, meaningful life in the future.”



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