Why Transition Planning?

We help you create a framework for a meaningful next phase after full time work.

After a lifetime of work, it’s unlikely you want a retirement where work stops suddenly and you’re left to figure out the rest.

Transition Planning is a crucial step to prepare for your life after work. It’s not retirement – its retirement redefined, tailor made for you. It involves creating a proactive plan for the life you want to lead – not just work, but also considering your family and relationships, health, recreation, mind, spirituality, interested and community. Its as active as you want to make it. After all, it’s your life and you’re in charge.

Is Transition Planning For Me?

Are you a Business Owner, Professional, Executive, Employee or Retiree who wants to plan a transition to a life that’s dynamic, ambitious, and life changing by:

Redefining your life beyond your existing career or business
Using a proven, structured, strategic approach
Creating an action plan with clear, easy steps for both your personal and business life
Preparing well in advance – both emotionally and intellectually
Considering all options, including easing out of work gradually, maybe starting a new business, or selling and existing business successfully
Whether you’re still working or already retired, the investment you make in transition planning now provides lifelong value when you create a new way of living that’s deeply satisfying.

Going Beyond Finances

Retirement planning usually focuses only on your finances. But to understand the funds you’ll need in retirement, you need a deep understanding of your desires and plans to create a meaningful life.

We fill a gap that’s often overlooked by helping you plan the personal side of your transition from your career or business. Your personal transition plan builds on and complements your financial plan and the advice you receive from your financial advisor.

To learn more about how Transition Planning Australia can help you plan a meaningful next phase, please contact us.


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