About Us

Discover why we’re the Transition Planning specialists.

Why People Choose Us

We’ve helped executives, professionals and business owners across Australia to move out of their comfort zones and create a new life after work that’s energising and exciting. Clients choose us because we deliver:

Clear Actions

We create a personalised program to suit your busy schedule, drawing on private programs, self-assessments, seminars, workshops, and books. You’ll receive a comprehensive, clear action plan, including strategies and steps for both your personal and business life.

Personal Care

Our approach is caring, supportive, professional, and confidential. And because it’s a journey, not a destination, we’re here for the long haul to help you stay on track and take on new challenges.

New Opportunities

Transitioning out of your career is an incredible opportunity. We’ll dare you to dream, to live bigger, and follow your heart. But our feet are firmly on the ground to make sure you fully consider any financial, legal, and business implications.

Complimentary Advice

The insight and strategies you’ll receive will complement those from other trusted advisors, such as accountants, financial advisors and lawyers.

Full Control

We help you take charge of your transition from work so that it’s a planned, proactive, and positive experience, tailor-made for you and your life. When concerns and uncertainty arise, we’re here to provide reassurance and confidence.

Lifelong Value

The investment you make in transition planning now provides lifelong value when you’re rewarded with a new way of living that’s reinvigorating and deeply satisfying.

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