Business Succession Planning

Plan to sell and exit your business in the most personally financially satisfying way.

Planning to leave your business in the next 10 years and don’t know where to start?

Trying not to think about leaving?

Handing over your business to the next generation?

Worried that life after your business will be boring and meaningless?

How To Sell & Exit Your Business

We are business succession planning experts in Australia.

Transition Planning Australia’s business transition planning, DECIDE program, helps you work out specifically what to do with your business and then create and implement your successful Business Transition Strategy in consultation with your team of Advisors.

A trained professional – a Transition Planning Consultant, will guide you one-on-one through the program.

Business Succession Planning & The Transition Process

How to successfully sell and exit your business in the most satisfying way

Step 1

Take the Retirement Readiness Quiz

Step 1

Find out how ready you are for Retirement.

Step 2

Talk to Your Advisor or TPC

Step 2

Talk to your Advisor or a Transition Planning Consultant to find out what will help you successfully transition.

Step 3

Complete TPA’s Programs tailored for you

Step 3

Complete the 'LIVE with Purpose' workshop to create your tailor-made Future Life Plan.

Step 4

Complete TPA’s Business Programs tailored for you

Step 4

Complete the 'DECIDE' program.

Step 5

Implement your Business Succession Plan With your team of Advisors

Step 5

Implement your tailored-made Business Succession Plan in conjunction with your team of Advisors.

Step 6

Implement your tailored made ‘Future Life Plan’

Step 6

Start implementing your tailored made ‘Future Life Plan’ for purpose, health and happiness.

3 Keys For A Successful Business Succession Planning

Keys to help you successfully sell and exit your business

Prepare yourself

A clear vision of your New Life helps eliminate your fears about leaving your business and fills in the “Black Hole” of an unknown future.

Breakthrough the roadblocks preventing you from successfully selling and exiting your business.

Gain clarity and confidence about the process of exiting your business in the most satisfying way.

Personal Transition Plan

An action plan for what you want to do and how to be healthy and happy in your next phase.
A clear vision of your New Life lets you and your financial advisors accurately determine how much money you will need for your future.

Business Transition Plan

How to make your business sale ready – by increasing the bottom line, improving operations, growing it and get the best price.
Explore options for best new owner.
How to find your team of Advisors to support you through the process.
Working out how much money you will need for your New Life gives you a firm financial goal to aim for in your Business Transition Strategy.

Business succession Planning Workshop Outcomes

  • Develop your business transition goals and Strategic Business Transition Plan
  • Know what to expect in the business transition process so you can more effectively plan and prepare for it
  • Understand that a successful business transition takes time and require careful planning
  • Understand how to navigate emotional obstacles that might arise during the business transition process
  • Learn how to make your business sale ready for the transition to new owners
  • Analyse and apply strategies for choosing the best new owner for your business
  • Understand the importance of working with a team of Advisors to help guide you through your business transition

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Business Succession Planning

How to Plan Your Transition

One-On-One Training

Work with a dedicated consultant with years of business experience to help you navigate the practical & emotional aspects of your transition journey.

Workshops & Programs

Discover what’s truly important to you, and what you really want to achieve in your new life with one of our workshops and programs.

Online Programs

The easy to follow online program provides a framework for you to navigate the murky waters of transitioning out of your current position.

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