Balancing Life Your Way​

Find balance and become happier and healthier in both your work and personal lives.

Working long hours, family and leisure time suffering?

Feeling trapped by your work?

Think work-life balance is a myth?

Looking for more in life and how to find it?

The Work-Life Balance Process

How to create your ideal Work-Life Balance

Step 1

Learn about the 'Balancing Life Your Way' Workshop

Step 1

Talk to a Transition Planning Consultant about the ‘Balancing Life Your Way’ workshop. Or ask your Employer to speak with us about running an in-house workshop at your organisation.

Step 2

Enrol onto the 'Balancing Life Your Way' Workshop

Step 2

Complete the 'Balancing Life Your Way' workshop to create your Balanced Life Plan.

Step 3

Implement your Balanced Life Plan

Step 3

Start implementing your tailor-made Balanced Life Plan for your wellbeing, at home and work.

BALANCE Life Your Way​​

Transition Planning Australia’s personal transition planning program, Balancing Life Your Way Workshop, is designed to help you develop and maintain a balance between your career and your personal life, at any age.

This workshop provides participants with both the knowledge and the ‘how to’ processes and planning steps to build their tactical Balance Life Plan.

The workshop offers a safe and confidential environment, supported by trained professionals (Transition Planning Consultants).

What's Included In The Workshop

Guided Self Discovery

Find out what’s important to you, particularly from a values perspective.

Discover what you can do to make future life transitions with ease and confidence.

Learn the 4 Keys to Health and Happiness and how these impact your healthy longevity.

Discover how to create an identity outside of your work life; think about who you are and who you can become.

Understand what brings you a sense of purpose in life.

New New Lifestyle Activities

Learn a new approach to thinking – develop a more balanced way of thinking.

Discover and brainstorm new possibilities for work-life balance activities and wellbeing at work.

Consider all your options to find your most satisfying choices – those that resonate most.

Create Your Ideal Balanced Life Plan

Become more aware of what drives wellbeing and a healthy longevity.

Create a better life for yourself and impact on those around you at work, at home and in the community/society.

Create your ideal work-life balance.

Use a proven, structured, strategic approach to create an action plan.

Write your step-by-step tactical plan for your balanced life that satisfies the 4 Keys to Health and Happiness.

Why Employers Invest In Their Employees’ Wellbeing

Workplaces that invest in employee wellbeing have happy and engaged workers and, on average, experience:

  • 70% fewer safety incidents
  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 24-59% lower turnover
  • 3 times more likely to be seen as creative and innovative
  • 10% higher customer ratings
  • 10% over average shareholder return

When people are thriving at work they are:

  • Nearly 6 times more likely to feel engaged
  • 29% likely to be more productive
  • 45% more likely to be satisfied
  • 46% less likely to experience unhealthy days
  • 125% less likely to burn out
  • 32% less likely to quit

Source: The Wellbeing Lab 2018, Workplace survey, The State of Wellbeing of Australian Workplaces, The Wellbeing Lab & AHRI

What Our Clients Say

"I feel I have gained the ability to truly think about what is important to me and gain the motivation to set aside time to make sure I am doing the things in life that make me happy."
Balancing Life Your Way Workshop
"I think once that I put into action some of the plans; I will definitely start to feel more of a sense of fulfillment and happiness."
Balancing Life Your Way Workshop
"After attending the workshop with Transition Planning it made me re-evaluate my balance of life and what I have to look forward to today and in the future."
Balancing Life Your Way Workshop

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