Retirement Lifestyle Planning

Prepare for your life after work. It’s not retirement – it’s retirement redefined, tailor made for you.

Planning to leave your work & don't know where to start?

Trying not to think about leaving?

Never going to retire?

Worried that life after your career will be boring & meaningless?

Retirement Lifestyle & The Transition Process

How to create a plan for a happy and healthy life in retirement

Step 1

Take the Retirement Readiness Quiz

Step 1

Find out how ready you are for Retirement.

Step 2

Talk to Your Advisor or TPC

Step 2

Talk to your Advisor or a Transition Planning Consultant to find out what will help you successfully transition.

Step 3

Complete TPA’s Programs tailored for you

Step 3

Complete the 'LIVE with Purpose' workshop to create your tailor-made Future Life Plan.

Step 4

Implement your tailor-made ‘Future Life Plan’

Step 4

Start implementing your tailor-made ‘Future Life Plan’ for purpose, health and happiness.

Retirement Lifestyle

How You Can LIVE With Purpose with your retirement lifestyle

Transition Planning Australia’s personal transition planning program, LIVE with Purpose Workshop, is designed to help you define your lifeystle after full-time work to gain purpose, health and happiness and motivate you to positively move forward to an exciting next phase.

The workshop offers a safe and confidential environment, supported by trained professionals (Transition Planning Consultants).

Our LIVE with Purpose Workshop allows you to:

  • Undertake Guided Self Discovery
  • Choose New Lifestyle Activities
  • Create Your Future Life Plan

What's Included In The Workshop

Guided Self Discovery

Find out what’s important to you and what you want to do in your future life.

Learn the 4 Keys to Health and Happiness and how these impact your healthy longevity.

Redefine yourself beyond your existing career or business and understand how to create a sense of purpose and create a new identity in your new life.

Understand how you’ve made major life transitions in the past and what you’ll do to make future ones positively and confidently.

Find New Lifestyle Activities

Learn a new approach to thinking – develop a more balanced way of thinking.
Discover and brainstorm new possibilities for activities to keep you satisfied.
Consider all your options to find your most satisfying choices – those that resonate most.

Create Your Future Life Plan

Be prepared well in advance – both emotionally and intellectually.
Use a proven, structured, strategic approach to create an action plan.
Write your step-by-step tactical plan for your future life that satisfies the 4 Keys to Health and Happiness.

How to Plan Your Transition into the Retirement Lifestyle you want

One-On-One Programs

Work with a dedicated consultant with years of business experience to help you navigate the practical & emotional aspects of your transition journey.

GROUP Workshops

Discover what’s truly important to you, and what you really want to achieve in your new life with one of our workshops and programs.

Online Program

The easy to follow online program provides a framework for you to navigate the murky waters of transitioning out of your current position.

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