Five great holiday ideas for retirees

Looking To Get Away & See Something New? Be Inspired By This List Of Top Five Holiday Ideas For Retirees

Caravan Around The Country

Caravanning is the favourite past time of retirees and for good reason. When else in your life do you have the time to drive around exploring all corners of this beautiful country? Caravanning is all about being adventurous and taking your time. Once you are on the road, don’t rush it. Make a vague plan of what you want to see and do but give yourself room to be adventurous and impromptu if need be as this is half the fun. If you have never been caravanning before don’t worry, this laidback lifestyle is one that is very easy to get used to and very hard to leave behind once you begin.

Take A Cruise

Travel to all corners of the world in ultimate luxury with a cruise. This is possibly the most comfortable and relaxing way to travel. You only have to unpack once and yet you will visit a number of locations. A cruise can take you to places you’d never dreamt you’d go, from Antarctica to the Bahamas. Dine in five-star restaurants, relax by the pool all day or take part in all kinds of on board activities suitable for all ages. There are a number of cruise lines to choose from, speak to your travel agent about finding a cruise that is right for you.

Volunteer Abroad

Now that you’ve retired why not put all that spare time to good use by helping others? Retired volunteers are much sought after by organisations thanks to huge amount of skills and life-experience they have to offer. Volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to not only help people in need but to travel and explore the world, immersing yourself in cultures and communities across the globe. This is a truly special way to travel. Volunteer opportunities range from two weeks to two years and are available everywhere including all over Asia, Africa and Europe so you can pick a project that is right for you.

European Food & Wine Tours

If you are a fan of the finer things in life, why not spend your next holiday exploring the best culinary delights that Europe has to offer. There are hundreds of food and wine tours to choose from. You can spend seven days enjoying fresh wine and produce in beautiful Tuscany. Or travel the French countryside experiencing the culinary delights of famous food regions such as Champagne and Beauduex. Many culinary tours also include private cooking classes, and other relevant culinary and cultural experiences. No matter what you choose you are bound to be delighted by the spoils that await you, food and wine tours are one of the best ways to experience Europe.

Go on a Coach Tour

With coach tours, you can travel all over Australia with a fun group of like-minded people without having to worry about actually doing any driving. When you book a coach tour everything from food to accommodation is taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. There is a range of companies that offer coach tours operating in every state across the country. We highly recommend Seniors Couch Tours which offers hundreds of travel packages to retirees looking for a new and exciting adventure. Go on a tour of the Kimberly’s for seven days or embark on a 14-day exploration of Northern Queensland. Whatever it is you want to see, this tour company will have the perfect package for you.

How We Can Help

Transition Planning Australia believes that everyone is entitled to a meaningful life after full-time work. Whether you are planning for retirement, looking at transitioning out of your business or are already retired and looking at what more you can do, Transition Planning is here to assist you. For more information about developing a plan for your next phase speak with Transition Planning Australia today.

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