Have You Considered Becoming A Teacher Or Mentor In Retirement? 

Have You Considered Becoming A Teacher Or Mentor In Retirement?

As you head towards your retirement you are probably considering the vast ways in which you might put yourself to use outside of your traditional career. One thing people often don’t consider is becoming a mentor or teacher.

Think about it; you have a lifetime of skill and knowledge under you belt. Just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean these things might still be put to use. Consider your skill set. What might you be able to offer in the way of teaching or mentoring?

There are a range of ways you can pass your skills and knowledge onto others.

If you’ve been in business for many years, maybe you could offer advice and guidance to young people starting out in business.

If you have completed higher education you might want to think about becoming a tutor or even a lecturer at a university. This can be a big commitment but it’s also a great way to share your skills and knowledge and you’ll get paid to do it.

You don’t necessarily have to become a teacher or mentor in the field in which you worked. Some people are worn down from their work in a certain fields and don’t have the energy to continue in the same field in retirement. This is particularly true for people whose jobs can be highly emotionally draining such as doctors and nurses. If this is you, that is totally fine, it doesn’t mean you can’t still offer skills and knowledge to others. You could consider being a teacher in another field you enjoy.

If you enjoy sport and are good with kids, being a coach could be a good way to donate your time. Coaching sports teams can be heaps of fun and will help you to keep physically active in retirement. You’ll be a source of inspiration and motivation for young people. Coaching can be plenty of fun.

Another option is to combine a love of travel and a desire to give back, by teaching English to children or adults overseas. There are plenty of international organisations that are always looking for smart and capable retirees to donate their time to educational charities.

For more advice on ways in which you might spend your time in retirement, contact Transition Planning Australia.

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