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We help you plan a rewarding business and personal transition to a meaningful retirement after business ownership

Planning to leave your business in the next 10 years and don’t know where to start?

Trying not to think about leaving?

Handing over your business to the next generation?

Worried that life after your business will be boring and meaningless?


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Principles for Successfully Selling and Exiting Your Business

Successful Transition Planning Principle No 1

A business owner like yourself must be mentally and emotionally ready before you can think clearly about and plan successfully for your future business and personal transitions.


Successful Transition Planning Principle No 2

As an owner thinking about leaving their business you need to create two distinct plans – a Personal Transition Plan for what you want to do with your life after leaving your business; and a Business Transition Plan that includes:

  • Who the best new owner would be
  • How to find/or train the new owner
  • How to make your business ready for transition—by increasing the bottom line, improving operations, growing it, etc.


Successful Transition Planning Principle No 3

A clear vision of the new life you want to live after leaving your business. Your Personal Transition Plan is the essential first step for successful Transition Planning.

Why does the Personal Transition Plan come first?  There are three reasons:

  1. Personal Financial Planning – a clear vision of your New Life lets you (and your financial advisors) accurately determine how much money you will need for your future.
  2. Business Transition Planning – knowing how much money you will need for your New Life gives you a firm financial goal to aim for in your Business Transition Strategy.
  3. Emotional Confidence – a clear vision of your New Life helps eliminate your fears about leaving your business and fills in the “Black Hole” of an unknown future, thus making you more confident about leaving.

How to Successfully Sell and Exit your Business – in the most Personally and Financially Satisfying Way!

Our proven programs and processes are based on material developed over 20 years by The Successful Transition Planning Institute of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and delivered by qualified, expert consultants backed by extensive resources and information.

Step 1 – Personal Transition Planning

Transition Planning Australia’s personal transition planning program, LIVE with Purpose Workshop, is designed to help you define your life after your business and motivate you to move forward to the next phase.

The workshop –

  • Offers a safe and confidential environment, supported by trained professionals;
  • Allows you to transform your concerns around leaving into a positive vision of the next phase of your life so you can transition more confidently;
  • Applies a logical proven step-by-step methodology to help you expand your thinking about what’s possible;
  • Work out what’s important to you and what you really want to do with in your New Life;
  • Explore a range of possibilities for the next phase of life, many of which you may never have thought of, to evaluate the best options for you;
  • Brainstorm with like-minded people exploring the same issues – you are not alone; and
  • Provides you with a process to create your customised Personal Transition Plan for a purposeful, happy and healthy future.

You’ll receive a comprehensive, clear action plan for living your happy and healthy life after full-time work in your business.

Step 2 – Business Transition Planning

Transition Planning Australia’s business transition planning, DECIDE program, helps you decide what to do with your business and then create and implement a successful Business Transition strategy. In this program, you will –

  • Understand that there are many successful and unsuccessful ways to leave your business;
  • Learn how to transition successfully – and how to avoid an unsuccessful transition;
  • Prepare mentally for the business transition process;
  • Consider how and when to transition;
  • Determine how much you need from your business for your retirement, and how you can increase its value with the help of experts;
  • Analyse and decide on your best options for new ownership;
  • Learn how to create your personal, financial, business and legacy goals;
  • Know what to expect in the business transition process so you can more effectively plan and prepare for it;
  • Learn how, with the assistance of a team of advisors, to increase the value of your business and prepare it for transition to new owners; and
  • Understand the importance of working with a team of transition advisors to help you achieve your goals.

By the conclusion of the program, you will have developed a detailed template for your Business Transition Plan, which you can continue to develop and implement in consultation with your team of transition advisors.

We take the time to create a personalised program to suit your busy schedule, drawing on:

One-on-one programs





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What Our Clients Say

“If you have reservations or concerns about what retirement might look like for you then this is the course for you. If is also important that your significant other, if you have one, is involved as well.”


“If you’re thinking of retirement, even if the process is staggered over time, this course is a good method to start mapping the retirement parameters and plans both short term and long term.”



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